February Featured Author

Florian B. Imhoff, MD
Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon Specialized in Knee
Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine
Balgrist University Hospital
University of Zurich (UZH)

From the February issue: Effect of Slope and Varus Correction High Tibial Osteotomy in the ACL-Deficient and ACL-Reconstructed Knee on Kinematics and ACL Graft Force: A Biomechanical Analysis

Podcast: Listen to Dr. Imhoff discuss his article in the February issue.


Dr. Florian Imhoff is a young swiss-german orthopaedic surgeon specialized in knee surgery and sports medicine. He currently works at the prestigious Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, as a consultant. He is member of several specialty societies such as the AGA and ESSKA, and the German Knee Society.

After his residency in trauma surgery and general orthopaedics starting in 2011, he was able to gain insights in ligament and cartilage injuries around the knee and bony corrections of knee deformities in the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
 at the Technical University of Munich, Germany in 2016. Thereafter, he completed a one year research fellowship in the translational and biomechanics lab at the Musculoskeletal Institute, University of Connecticut Health Center in Connecticut, USA (Professor Robert Arciero, Professor Augustus Mazzocca). By then, he developed a biomechanical testing model to evaluate the influence of bony malformities, corrective osteotomy and ligamentous insufficiencies. Moreover, during his time there he developed a 3D modeling system to predict torsional as well as angular correction of femoral torsion osteotomies in correcting deformities of the distal femur. He developed a 3D planning module for derotational osteotomies of the leg and a new patellofemoral measuring tool within a dicom planning application.

In 2019, he finished his post-doctoral habilitation at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and received the professor’s teaching diploma (privat-dozent, PD) of the University. In the last years, he has presented many scientific studies focusing on ACL and peripheral knee structures. His overall publication legacy is extraordinary. Furthermore, he has received several awards among them the Caspari Award from ISAKOS or the Alwin Jäger Award from AGA. In addition, he serves as reviewer for “American Journal of Sports Medicine” and many others.

“This young surgeon is one of the brightest, creative, and practical physicians I have ever met in my 32 years of training residents and fellows. He is a “star”. He will spend his professional life devoted to improving clinical care and patient outcomes particularly as it pertains to knee ligament, ACL injury and complex acquired deformities and deficiencies of meniscus and articular cartilage.”  Prof. Robert Arciero, July 2019

Selected Other Published Work

Wylie JD, Scheiderer B, Obopilwe E, Baldino JB, Pavano C, Macken CJ, Bell R, Mazzocca AD, Arciero RA, Imhoff FB. The Effect of Lateral Opening Wedge Distal Femoral Varus Osteotomy on Tibiofemoral Contact Mechanics Through Knee Flexion. Am J Sports Med. 2018 Nov;46(13):3237-3244. doi: 10.1177/0363546518799353. Epub 2018 Sep 28. PMID: 30265819.

Mehl JT, Kia C, Murphy M, Obopilwe E, Cote M, Imhoff FB, Imhoff AB, Arciero RA, Beitzel K, Otto A. Posteromedial Ligament Repair of the Knee With Suture Tape Augmentation: A Biomechanical Study. Am J Sports Med. 2019 Oct;47(12):2952-2959. doi: 10.1177/0363546519868961. Epub 2019 Aug 27. PMID: 31454261.

Imhoff FB, Beitzel K, Zakko P, Obopilwe E, Voss A, Scheiderer B, Morikawa D, Mazzocca AD, Arciero RA, Imhoff AB. Derotational Osteotomy of the Distal Femur for the Treatment of Patellofemoral Instability Simultaneously Leads to the Correction of Frontal Alignment: A Laboratory Cadaveric Study. Orthop J Sports Med. 2018 Jun 1;6(6):2325967118775664. doi: 10.1177/2325967118775664. PMID: 29900182; PMCID: PMC5985607.

Dyrna F, Imhoff FB, Haller B, Braun S, Obopilwe E, Apostolakos JM, Morikawa D, Imhoff AB, Mazzocca AD, Beitzel K. Primary Stability of an Acromioclavicular Joint Repair Is Affected by the Type of Additional Reconstruction of the Acromioclavicular Capsule. Am J Sports Med. 2018 Dec;46(14):3471-3479. doi: 10.1177/0363546518807908. Epub 2018 Nov 12. PMID: 30419178.

Dyrna FGE, Imhoff FB, Voss A, Braun S, Obopilwe E, Apostolakos JM, Morikawa D, Comer B, Imhoff AB, Mazzocca AD, Beitzel K. The Integrity of the Acromioclavicular Capsule Ensures Physiological Centering of the Acromioclavicular Joint Under Rotational Loading. Am J Sports Med. 2018 May;46(6):1432-1440. doi: 10.1177/0363546518758287. Epub 2018 Mar 20. PMID: 29558162.

Mehl J, Otto A, Imhoff FB, Murphy M, Dyrna F, Obopilwe E, Cote M, Lädermann A, Collin P, Beitzel K, Mazzocca AD. Dynamic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization With the Long Head of the Biceps Tendon: A Biomechanical Study. Am J Sports Med. 2019 May;47(6):1441-1450. doi: 10.1177/0363546519833990. Epub 2019 Apr 9. PMID: 30964697.

Scheiderer B, Imhoff FB, Morikawa D, Lacheta L, Obopilwe E, Cote MP, Imhoff AB, Mazzocca AD, Siebenlist S. The V-Shaped Distal Triceps Tendon Repair: A Comparative Biomechanical Analysis. Am J Sports Med. 2018 Jul;46(8):1952-1958. doi: 10.1177/0363546518771359. Epub 2018 May 15. PMID: 29763339.

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