April Featured Author

R. Jay Lee, MD
Director, Pediatric Orthopaedic Fellowship
Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg Children’s Center

From the April issue: Reliability of a New Arthroscopic Discoid Lateral Meniscus Classification System: A Multicenter Video Analysis

Podcast: Listen to Dr. Lee discuss his article in the April issue.


R. Jay Lee, M.D. specializes in pediatric sports medicine for children, adolescents and young adults. Dr. Lee’s expertise and research interests include the ACL, discoid meniscus, tibial spine, and optimizing fracture care. Dr. Lee completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and his pediatric orthopaedics at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, with a special focus on pediatric sports.

Selected Other Published Work

Smith HE, Mistovich RJ, Cruz AI Jr, Leska TM, Ganley TJ, Aoyama JT; Tibial Spine Fracture Research Interest Group, Ellis HB, Fabricant PD, Green DW, Jagodzinski J, Johnson B, Kushare I, Lee RJ, McKay SD, Rhodes JT, Sachleben BC, Sargent MC, Schmale GA, Yen YM, Patel NM. Does Insurance Status Affect Treatment of Children With Tibial Spine Fractures? Am J Sports Med. 2021 Oct 15:3635465211046928. PMID: 34652247.

Bram JT, Aoyama JT, Mistovich RJ, Ellis HB Jr, Schmale GA, Yen YM, McKay SD, Fabricant PD, Green DW, Lee RJ, Cruz AI Jr, Kushare IV, Shea KG, Ganley TJ. Four Risk Factors for Arthrofibrosis in Tibial Spine Fractures: A National 10-Site Multicenter Study. Am J Sports Med. 2020 Oct;48(12):2986-2993. PMID: 32898426.

Shimberg JL, Aoyama JT, Leska TM, Ganley TJ, Fabricant PD, Patel NM, Cruz AI Jr, Ellis HB Jr, Schmale GA; Tibial Spine Research Interest Group, Green DW, Jagodzinski JE, Kushare I, Lee RJ, McKay S, Rhodes J, Sachleben B, Sargent C, Yen YM, Mistovich RJ. Tibial Spine Fractures: How Much Are We Missing Without Pretreatment Advanced Imaging? A Multicenter Study. Am J Sports Med. 2020 Nov;48(13):3208-3213. PMID: 32970957.

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